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I wish money weren't an issue for me at the moment TT_TT

Awesome as always can't wait for the next part ^^

Well done

seriously well done.
i liked it and it was quite neat at that, the voice acting was good too
thought to be honest i enjoyed TTA more when it comes to the starting episodeit had a better feel to it if you want so, thought that's personal matter i guess.
i, to be honest, wouldn't have minded if the entire original story (except for a few changes) will be keept the same but i can only tell with the time the other episodes are out till then i'll eagerly will wait for it ^^

only 9/10 cause i personally think the opening episode of TTA was better due a real complete new start (alpha playing the game for the first time and meeting everyone)

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oh god
a sweet bro and hella jeff game seriosuly?
i don't know if you're hussie or just a fan but honestly? awesome XD
i personally don't like sweet bro and hellajeff but it's neat to see someone is so devoted
to people who think this is shit
let me tell you about homestuck XD

homestuck is a comic from andrew hussie. The chars you can play in this littel flash are sweetbro and hellajeff who are from a webcomic inside of his comic they are drawn super bad on purpose to make it all "ironic"

no star dudes.
i could be a nice game sure but it's way to repeative and kinda bigtiem boring.
a game s suppose to keep me from getting bored for atleast 30 minutes if that requiremetn is fulfilled it's atleast a decent game. This. couldn't keep me for 5 minutes so nope you missed the real meaning of a game with this in my opinion.
the art is alright thoguht. hope you can do something better next.

Jonas responds:

Repetitive and boring? Sounds like we made an accurate job simulation for Wade.

Quite an exellent game i have to say.
it was a hard nut to get the 100% but it was worth it.
i can see you guys put a TON of thoughts into this and you can be very proud of yourself.
This is to be honest my favorite zombie game even thought it's only a flash game. The reason for that is it got a superb atmosphere and is one hell of an interesting game.
well done i tip my at at you for creatign such a well doen piece of work and art.

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reminds me ALOT of the Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 Bosses ^^
aah great music for some bosses ^^

and you could fit this track perfectly into a game simlar to those
absolutly awesome


this track really got a sweet beat i like it

Cool sound

im get pretty relaxed while im listinig to this

i really like the beat of the drum make more like this oh and the ryhtm of thekeys sounds cool too

huh? what is it, i got stuff to do.

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